Monday, January 6, 2014

About The HAHW

I'm a mom, a blogger, author and entrepreneur.

As a child, my mom was a working mom and did the best she could to serve us home cooked meals and keep our household loosely held together. And she did a really good half-assed job.

I basically grew up on Hamburger Helpers and "hot dishes." And I didn't even know garlic came in any other form other than powder until I was in college.

I had no idea how to launder my own clothes and never washed a dish in my life. Instead, I learned to shag firewood and bait fish hooks with my dad.

Since then, I have traveled to many different places, tasted a diverse variety of cuisine, and learned ALL kinds of awesome tips from Pinterest. Pair that with an addiction to Iron Chef (so sad it's over) and HGTV shows and I have become a total half-assed housewife just like my mom.

I'm a busy mom just like most of you. I am constantly on the hunt for recipes that are delicious and healthy, but don't hours and hours to prepare. I hang my head in shame when I look up from my Pinterest screen after 17 hours and see the lack of follow through I clearly have on the household projects.

But I like to share.

So I hope you'll enjoy the recipes here and the stories that inspired them. I hope you'll find a few things that are helpful and fun to try out at home. Some day, with a little coaching, I might graduate to a full-assed housewife. But probably not.

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